Cynthia Batin
2 min readMar 17, 2022


To You Who Left Thirteen Years Ago

Remembering you in these outdated gadgets in that old cabinet of yours.

I suddenly remember you, my Old Man.

This old camera, you used to treasure that much. You loved capturing moments. And you were so vain, like a celebrity you would pose, with a very wide smile, in every photo that I took.

You know what Daddy, in an alternate universe, I would spoil you.

All the latest gadgets that you want… Hey! They would be yours. A triple-lens camera phone to get a better selfie, just that?

I can only imagine what kind of Internet person you could be.

You would be very active on Facebook. Posting this and that. Uploading 50 selfies all at the same time. Liking. Commenting. Fighting with your fellow Boomers. Reconnecting. And finding all the people to whom you share the same surname, claiming that they are all your relatives.

And I would tolerate you with all your internet penchants.

A TikTok account, why not? You can dance all you want, and sing all the Rey Valera songs, and all your favorite Ilocano folksongs.

And guess what? We would also have our own YouTube account and we would blog all your favorite activities— DIY furniture, karate, and Arnis stunts, you repairing your cab, your style of dishwashing, and even you bathing your dogs and roosters.

Hit the notification button and subscribe!” I would instruct you to say that. Because you wanted to be famous, right?

And I would not complain.

And I would not feel embarrassed.

I miss you, Daddy.



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