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Cynthia Batin
2 min readJan 31, 2022

A free writing activity about a mother for change. *wink*

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Her father was a lawyer. Her mother was a medical doctor.

She grew up in an upper-middle-class family.

She was a child whose only desire is to dance. And every night, she would dream about it. She was dancing on a big stage, greatly applauded by the crowd, shining brightly like a star.

But her dream could only stay on her mind. She was the firstborn of an influential family; hence, she needed to follow in the footsteps of her parents. She needed to make her name stand out, not as a dancer, but as a so-called ‘true professional’ — one that is highly valued in this society.

Against her will, she chose to enroll in a pre-medical course at a renowned university. And eventually, she started the long road of becoming a medical doctor.

But her heart only beats for dancing.

And one day, she decided to rebel. She was able to attain her long-desired freedom. She turned her back from the world of medicine and finally entered the world of dancing. A profession that cannot heal bleeding wounds, but can mend empty hearts.

Her parents were disappointed. But she didn’t care anymore. She was on this part of her life in which she can only choose the thing that would give her immense joy.

But her happiness can only last so long. Her father was killed. Her mother was severely ill.

Even so, she could no longer leave her current world. Instead, she used that platform to influence the citizens.

I am only a dancer, but I have a voice. And through this voice I will deliver a message. A message of hope to people, whom just like me are battling a weary journey,” she said.

Dancing and helping the oppressed, she did it simultaneously.

And eventually, her influence was recognized by an influential Leader.

And she was given a noble role that can expand her benevolent purpose to give voice to the poor.

However, her intentions were criticized by many. She was hated by people whose idea of justice differs from hers.

But she will never give up. Her spirit is getting stronger than ever. She will fight for her beliefs.

She is chocolate, espresso and milk.

Once a slave of her parents’ dreams.

Liberated herself by following the desires of her heart.

Was a victim of oppression. And still a victim of injustice.

But she is fighting.

She is chocolate, espresso and milk.


PS. Writing this is fun. For a reason that leaving ‘this and that’ and adding ‘that and this’ can give a different flavor to a story. Like the combination of chocolate, espresso, and milk.



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